& Cleaning Services

GreenAcre Home & Garden Improvements provide tree and hedgerow services, all types of trees included. From pruning to removal of trees and hedges, if necessary.

We also supply and install fencing, remove old, tired sheds that are past their service life and replace with new.   We also supply and lay gravel.

We provide a garden clearance as well as a tidying up service.  Our main services deal with tree and hedge care in the trimming, shaping and removal.  We also undertake the trimming of Ivy and other climbing plants that grow on buildings, keeping them trimmed back before they become overgrown and take over completely.

Cleaning Services

Paths provide a lot of accessibility and unification to any home garden and can be constructed from a wide range of materials.  We endeavour to clean them to keep them looking their best.

Patios provide an area of the garden to utilize for entertaining in or relaxing in and, over time dirt and debris spoil it, so we can clean it to bring it into use and looking good in the garden all year round.

Driveways, whilst being low in maintenance, will need cleaning from time to time.  Dirt, debris, moss and plant growth will build up over time. We  remove the plant growth and undertake a thorough cleaning of the driveway, paths included, to bring it back to its natural state.  All types of driveway cleaning are carried out, including the removal of oil spills.

Walls provide a solid method of dividing the boundaries of your home and  garden.  Brick walls are low maintenance and highly secure. We provide a cleaning service to help maintain them by getting rid of the build up of debris and plant growth. 

Fencing provides a middle ground between aesthetics, maintenance and security. GreenAcre Home & Garden Improvements can fit and replace modern wooden fencing with solid concrete foundations that you can be proud of.

GreenAcre Home &  Garden Improvements provides a smooth jet washing service to clean your blocked paved driveway, path or patio back to its former glory.

Jet washing is fast and combined with sealing helps to keep the weeds at bay for longer and, can last you a long time  before another wash is needed.